Sell Information Products Online

Here’s Your 5-Step Easy Action Plan

Selling information products online can be really easy with the right tools and a good step-by-step plan!

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Here’s our short, easy-to-follow 5-step action plan to start selling today!

1. Choose a quality, sought after niche to target.

At this point, we’re assuming you have made a decision that you want to sell digital products online, whether it be ebooks, reports, video lessons, audio books or your own membership site.

Whatever the case may be, we recommend that you take immediate action and get something started!

Do a thorough research to make sure that the information product you want to offer will be in demand and suitable for a market that’s willing to spend money.

Keyword Tracker and Google’s External Keyword Tool is a great starting place for research. Just type in some topic phrases that interest you and see if there’s a lot of searches…if so, then there’s probably lots of interest.

You can also utilize and browse the magazine topics and featured headlines on the covers for ideas.  If there’s a magazine on the topic, then more than likely people are spending money in that niche.

2. Write a Short Report On the Specific Niche You’ve Chosen.

I recommend writing a SHORT report to get the ball rolling. 

The FASTER you get your report out there, the more likely you’ll succeed. 

Creating your first product is a learning process…but it gets easier each time. Focus on QUALITY rather than length. 

Offer a way to help your targeted market solve a problem or make their life easierThat’s what sells the best!

Need a Product to Sell? If you still don’t have your own product, then please grab a private label report or ebook to sell by clicking here where you’ll find high quality content to create as your own to sell.

[About PLR:] I love using private label content…it’s one of the EASIEST (and fastest) ways to get your products started and finished in record time.  You can add your own introduction, photos, resources, and even add your own comments on each point within the content.  You’ll love it!  And it saves hours of time!

3. Upload Your Sales Page and Product to Your Server.

Simply upload your sales page to your server (affordable hosting provider here) as well as the actual digital product for download —  unless the shopping cart that you’re using offers hosting for your download products…then you won’t have to worry about uploading your product.

[Frequent Question:] Should you invest in web hosting when starting your own information publishing business?

Having your own domain name and website says a lot about the value of the products that you’re selling. You show that your own product is worth the investment.

*I personally use WordPress to quickly set up my sites and manage my online information business.

4. Paste Your “Buy Now” Button into your Sales Page (and Create a Download Page if Necessary).

Find a shopping cart that delivers “digital products” to your customers automatically after their purchase.

The shopping cart system that you choose will usually provide you with a special html code that you simply paste inside your sales page.

You will also need to create a special download page for your buyers to obtain their digital product unless your shopping cart creates an automatic download page or delivers the download link to your customer’s email address.

5. Start Promoting Your New Product.

WARNING! You can’t skip this step! Without traffic to your site, there will be no sales. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to cost you anything to get started!

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